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    Still Need Help With Unicode IO

    Attempting to port code from VS 2010 to VS 2017 I have found that a single code method is breaking my newly ported apps. This was originally a daunting problem in VS 2010, but you gurus helped me to sort it out. For reference please see: http://www.codeguru.com/forum/showthread.php?t=511113

    Now VS 2017 breaks after the read or write method completes it's task. My rather amateur debugging skills have failed to elucidate the problem and once again I turn to you for help.

    // writes a map<wstring, wstring> to disk where:
    int CFuncMap::write_map(wstring wsFilepath)
    	wchar_t wbuf[256];
    	wchar_t wch = 0x0002;
    	wstring wsmapsize = _T("");
    	wstring wsfuncnam =  _T("");
    	wstring wsfunc =  _T("");
    	size_t mapsize = m_table.size();
    	swprintf_s(wbuf, _T("%d"), mapsize);
    	wsmapsize = wstring(wbuf);
    	if (mapsize == 0) { _RPT0(0, "map is empty\n"); }
    	//fstream f;
    	//f.open(wsfilepath.c_str(), ios::out|ios::binary);
    	wfstream wf;
        codecvt_utf16<wchar_t, 0x10ffff, little_endian> ccvt(1);
        locale wloc(wf.getloc(), &ccvt);
    	wf.open(wsFilepath.c_str(), ios::out | ios::binary);
    	if(!wf) { swprintf_s(wbuf, 256, _T("Unable to open file %s"), wsFilepath.c_str()); CError::SetCustomError(  wbuf );  return 0; }
    	wf.write(&wch, (streamsize) 1);
    	wf.write((wchar_t *) wsmapsize.c_str(), (streamsize)(wsmapsize.size()));
    	for(ii=m_table.begin(); ii!=m_table.end(); ++ii)
    		wsfuncnam = (*ii).first; 
    		wf.write(&wch, (streamsize) 1);
    		wf.write((wchar_t *) wsfuncnam.c_str(), (streamsize)wsfuncnam.size());
    		wsfunc = (*ii).second;
    		wf.write(&wch, (streamsize) 1);
    		wf.write((wchar_t *) wsfunc.c_str(), (streamsize)wsfunc.size());
    	return 1;
    }// write_map(wstring wsFilepath)
    The break is inserted at the end of the method, after 'return 1;'. What is happening here ? Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Re: Still Need Help With Unicode IO

    Are you compiling for UNICODE or MBCS?

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    Re: Still Need Help With Unicode IO

    Thanks, Arjay. Turns out there are two projects in the solution, one a dll (Unicode), the other an MFC (char set not defined). Suspecting that may be the problem, since the dll compiles without problems, I changed the old MFC project to Unicode in all configurations (which I should have done long ago but was too lazy). I am now confronted with 280 compilation errors. I'll get back to you after I've sorted through these.

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