I've written many successful programs in VB5 without understanding what's going on behind the scenes regarding file management.
When I boot up my current VB5 program to edit in the IDE, it tells me...

"Conflicting names were found in 'C:\Program Files\DevStudio\VB\ed1Rule..frm'.
The name 'frmEd1Rule' will be used.

That's not a typo: the filename "ed1Rule..frm" contains a double dot (maybe originally a typo on my part?).
I click "Okay", and everything runs fine after that.
But I would still like to eliminate the conflict.

In the IDE, the field at the upper right corner of the screen, labeled "Project - Project1", lists the six Forms of the program, each one first with a simple (no extension) name, and second, in parentheses, a _different_ name with the ".frm" extension. One of these six pairs of names matches the names in the "Conflicting names" message above:

"frmEd1Rule (ed1Rule..frm)"

(But there's no message for any of the other "mismatches".)

A separate curiosity:
In one of the names in parentheses, the part before the dot consists of a single _non-keyboard_ character, the phonetic symbol eth ().

Should I just be happy with the functioning program and not worry about these details, or can you advise me how to manage these names better?