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Thread: what is the difference b multitasking and multithreading ?

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    Re: what is the difference b multitasking and multithreading ?

    Usually, multitaksing is refered to as a feature of OS, while multithreading is the feature of process, which is called task at the early ages when there is no such thing called thread and multithreading.

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    Re: what is the difference b multitasking and multithreading ?

    In computing, multitasking is a method by which multiple tasks, also known as processes, share common processing resources such as a CPU.
    Multithreading extends the idea of multitasking into applications, so you can subdivide specific operations within a single application into individual threads.

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    Re: what is the difference b multitasking and multithreading ?

    None of the above answers except Mr Vaibhav Kumar's are clear or not ambiguous. [sorry, no offense]

    Both multi programming and tasking are same concept of switching task in processor, difference is in the concept and reason of the switching.

    MProgramming: to not keep processor idle when active task needs longer IO or other non CPU response then, processor loads and works on another task that is not waiting for IO and ready for process.

    MTasking: even after MPrograming, to user it may feel like only one task is executing and another is simply waiting to come to cpu. So the active task is also swapped from active CPU and kept aside and another task is brought in CPU for a very small fraction of human time[second], and swapped back to the earlier task again. In this way user will feel both task are alive in CPU at same time. But actually each task is active only once at a given CPU time[in micro or nano second]

    And MProcessing is, like my computer have quad core, so I use 4 processor at a time, means 4 different multiprogramming instances happen in my machine. And these 4 processors does another numerous no of MTasking.

    So MProcessing>MProgramming>Mtasking

    And MThreading n another breakup of each task. that also to give user a happy life. Here multiple tasks[like word doc and media player] are not coming in picture, rather small subtasks like coloring of text on word and automatic spell check in word are part of same word executable.

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    Re: what isthe difference b multitaking and multithreading ?

    Quote Originally Posted by 2kaud View Post
    Multi-tasking is the sharing of computing resources (CPU, memory, devices, etc.) among processes, whilst multi-threading is the sharing of computing resources among threads of a single process. This sharing may or may not be concurrent - depending upon number of physical processors etc. Eg. if there are 4 physical processors then there can be 4 threads concurrently executing; if there is only 1 physical processor then there can be only 1 thread executing at any one time.
    i agree with this explanation
    thanks for so detailed information

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