interview practice questions
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Thread: interview practice questions

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    interview practice questions

    So, from previous interviews and online interview questions, I made a list of possible questions that may appear in an interview. it's been frustrating when ive tried to memorise algorithms i found online but i really dont understand them to explain them when asked to do so

    I've been trying to figure out a divide and conquer algorithm to find the minimum element in an array with O(N) complexity.

    this code i found on stackoverflow but dont understand at all:

    private static int smallest(int[] array, int from, int to) {
        if (from == to) {
            return array[from];
        int middle = from + (to - from) / 2;
        return Math.min(smallest(array, from, middle), smallest(array, middle + 1, to));
    public static int smallest(int[] array){
        return smallest(array, 0, array.length - 1);
    I'm sure this would be O(NlogN) complexity... please correct me if i'm wrong?
    If so, I should note this, also.

    Would an approach where the first element of the array that isn't null is removed then set to null and compared to the next element of the array being set to null, by the recursive call of the function be considered a divide and conquer algorithm ? i believe this would be done in O(n) time complexity.

    could someone explain to me please?
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    Re: interview practice questions

    I also just thought of another brute force solution... but not sure of the time complexity as I want it to be-

    private static int smallest(int[] array) {
        int middle = (arr.length-1)/2
        return Math.min(smallest(arr),smallest(arr2));
    although unsure how i could explain this.. i hate recursive algorithms

    thanks in advanc

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