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Thread: Soap message Gzip Content

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    Soap message Gzip Content

    Hello Experts,

    I have the following Problem:

    I create a Soapmessage using java.xml.soap
    Now the Webservice changed to accept only gzip Requests.
    What is the best way to gzip an existing Soapmessage ?
    I tryed
    mheaders.setHeader("SOAPAction", "submit"+this.action);
    mheaders.setHeader("Accept-Encoding", "gzip,deflate");  // inbound
    mheaders.setHeader("Content-Encoding", "gzip"); // outbound
    soapMessage.setProperty(HTTPConstants.MC_GZIP_REQUEST, true);
    soapMessage.setProperty(HTTPConstants.COMPRESSION_GZIP, true);
    soapMessage.setProperty(HTTPConstants.MC_GZIP_RESPONSE, true);
    soapMessage.setProperty(HTTPConstants.MC_ACCEPT_GZIP, true);
    soapMessage.setProperty(HTTPConstants.CHUNKED, true);
    soapMessage.setProperty(HTTPConstants.HEADER_TRANSFER_ENCODING, true);
    a function like:
    SOAPMessage getGzipSoapReq(SOAPMessage rawSoapReq){
    ...some Magic Stuff...
    return gzippedSoapMessage

    Thanks in advance for any kind of Information.

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    Re: Soap message Gzip Content

    SOAP messages generated by both the sforce API client and the sforce API service can become very large. This can have adverse performance implications due to increased transmission and reception periods over the network. In the case of mobile devices on slow connections, this issue is magnified. Because increasing client performance capabilities is often much cheaper and easier than increasing network bandwidth, performing pre- and post-processing of SOAP messages to reduce their size is a reasonable solution.

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