Hi, I am very new to Crystal reports. Today is my first day. I have a report that I need to add extra page at the end of every group if the # of pages are odd for duplex printing. I got that part by using the formula remainder(PageNumber,2)=1.

However, I want to put the default text in that page "This page is left intentionally blank." How can I get that done? When I create another group footer and try to put this text object, it prints on every report at the end, even if the report originally had even pages and no extra page was added!

My reports could be 2,3,4,5,6,7 or any number of pages. if it is 3 pages, then we need to add 4th and put this default text. if it is 5 pages then we need to add 6th page with default text. But, if it is already 4 pages, then we don't create blank page!

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!