Hi All,

So I have a group footer #2r that has few OLE object (printed text). The page has a lot of space at the end. I have created group footer #2s after #2r. 2s has a conditional suppression, which works fine. after 2s, I have 2t which is basically a blank section with page number reset checked on and keep together checked on.

When the 2s is suppressed, I was hoping to get 2t right after 2r on the same page. However, 2t is always consuming next page. I have been breaking my head since morning to get past this point. I see nothing abnormal. Do you know why 2t is always going to next page?

2r - OLE object
2s - long text page (about half a page)
2t - reset the page number

Expectation: when 2s is suppressed 2t should immediately follow 2r.
Symptom: 2t always goes to next page.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot!