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Thread: writing file Filewriter.write(blob) windows10

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    writing file Filewriter.write(blob) windows10

    the cordova-plugin-file that I use for my ios application does not support FileWriter.write(blob) on windows10.

    After looking for an alternative, I really can't find anything. Any ideas how to tackle this issue?

    Thx in advance

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    Re: writing file Filewriter.write(blob) windows10

    You may try this code:

    public void LogFile(string sExceptionName, string sEventName, string sControlName, int       nErrorLineNo, string sFormName)
                StreamWriter log;
                if (!File.Exists("logfile.txt"))
                    log = new StreamWriter("logfile.txt");
                    log = File.AppendText("logfile.txt");
                // Write to the file:
                log.WriteLine("Data Time:" + DateTime.Now);
                log.WriteLine("Exception Name:" + sExceptionName);
                log.WriteLine("Event Name:" + sEventName);
                log.WriteLine("Control Name:" + sControlName);
                log.WriteLine("Error Line No.:" + nErrorLineNo);
                log.WriteLine("Form Name:" + sFormName);
                // Close the stream:
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