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Thread: [RESOLVED] "Cannot Open Source File" that is definitely there

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    [RESOLVED] "Cannot Open Source File" that is definitely there

    I'm going up the wall with this one. I'm trying to include a certain library, but VS2017 insists it can't find the header file. It's been a long time since I've used Visual Studio or C++, but I was able to include another library by following these same steps, so I feel silly that I can't do it again!

    For context's sake, I'm trying to work with the DragonBones/SFML library. The header file is "DragonBonesHeaders.h," and is included in a folder called "dragonBones" by default. The include statements reference it by its subfolder, #include <dragonBones/DragonBonesHeaders.h>.

    First, I set up the project with an Additional Include Directory to the DragonBones include directory, using a relative path. Failure. I try an absolute path - zilch. Then, I get annoyed at how many folders the snapshot dubbed "dragonBones" by default (four and a half), so I start renaming folders just to make sure the identical names aren't causing the problem. The include statements now read: #include <dragonBonesCore/DragonBonesHeaders.h>. Nothing. Then, I tried to get rid of the subfolder problem entirely by adding dragonBonesCore to my Additional Include Directories and changing the include statements to #include <DragonBonesHeaders.h>. Nope!

    This is getting so silly that I don't even know if I can trust copy and paste. Here are some screenshots instead, so you can see the exact content.

    Additional Include Directories for the project in question:

    The folder containing the file, with its directory structure visible:

    The original #include statement, using my renamed folder:

    The errors:

    The modified #include statement, linking directly to the containing folder:

    The error:

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    Re: "Cannot Open Source File" that is definitely there

    Did you try to
    #include "DragonBonesHeaders.h"
    Last edited by VictorN; April 6th, 2018 at 10:05 AM. Reason: typos corrected (it must be quotation mark instead of apostrophe!)
    Victor Nijegorodov

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    Re: "Cannot Open Source File" that is definitely there

    Failure. I try an absolute path - zilch.
    If the absolute path was correct, this may indicate a problem with the include file itself - or it's permissions. Have you tried

    #include "full-absolute-complete-header-file-name"
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    Re: "Cannot Open Source File" that is definitely there

    Hi again, and thanks to both of you. But guess what happened? I woke my computer from Sleep, hit "Rebuild" even though I hadn't changed anything, and it was just... working. I don't even know what to say. This is yet another reminder that computers are secretly demon magic.

    Hopefully if someone else is suffering a similar problem, your advice will help them find it! In the meantime, you can consider my question closed. Thanks again!

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