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    is there a way for test if the class have a function?

    how can i test if the class have a function?
    i did a search but the code don't works(i test several codes without success):
    template <typename T>auto has_foo(T& t) -> decltype(t.MouseClick(), bool()) { return true; }
    bool has_foo(...) { return false; }
    test(CBase *clsPointer) : atPointer(clsPointer)	{
    		std::cout << has_foo(clsPointer);
    having or don't having, i always get zero.
    so how can i test if the class have a function?

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    Re: is there a way for test if the class have a function?

    Quote Originally Posted by Cambalinho View Post
    how can i test if the class have a function?
    I posted this link in your previous thread already,


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    Re: is there a way for test if the class have a function?

    Which leads to this for c++17 http://www.open-std.org/jtc1/sc22/wg...2015/n4436.pdf

    Good luck!
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    Re: is there a way for test if the class have a function?

    i'm so sorry to both of you. but, please, see these template:
    template <class Type>class TypeHasToString
        // This type won't compile if the second template parameter isn't of type T,
        // so I can put a function pointer type in the first parameter and the function
        // itself in the second thus checking that the function has a specific signature.
        template <typename T, T> struct TypeCheck;
        typedef char Yes;
        typedef long No;
        // A helper struct to hold the declaration of the function pointer.
        // Change it if the function signature changes.
        template <typename T> struct ToString
            typedef void (T::*fptr)();
        template <typename T> static Yes HasToString(TypeCheck< typename ToString<T>::fptr, &T::MouseClick >*); //function name
        template <typename T> static No  HasToString(...);
        static bool const value = (sizeof(HasToString<Type>(0)) == sizeof(Yes));
    how use it:
    int a=TypeHasToString<CBase>::value;
    - 'CBase' it's the class name;
    - 'value' it's the result.
    so what is the problem!?!
    1 - these code, maybe, works like the others... having the same problem: if the class have the function prototype and not defined, i will get '1'(true)... can these be resolved?
    2 - my big problem it's the function name.. unless i can add another template parameter. what you can advice me?
    (i'm sorry something to both, but i'm trying what i can)

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