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Thread: Problem creating .zip file with password

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    Problem creating .zip file with password

    Making a .zip file from a .pdf file with password I have the problem when I include
    '.encrypt = true I get a error. There wil not be made a .zip file at all.
    With .encrypt=False and stil have the .PasswordRequest filled in the .zip file is made correct
    but can be opened without password.
    Please help.

    Option Explicit
    Dim BestandIn As String
    Dim BestandUit As String
    Private WithEvents m_cZ As cZip
    Private Sub Command1_Click()
        Set m_cZ = New cZip
        With m_cZ
           .ZipFile = App.Path & "\loonstrook.zip"
           .BasePath = App.Path
           .Encrypt = True
           .PasswordRequest "Herman", 8, False, False
           .AddFileSpec "loonstrook.pdf"
           If .Success = False Then
            MsgBox "Foutje"
           End If
        End With
    End Sub
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