Although I'm very much a Windows fan, for the past few years I've tended to run on Mac hardware (i.e. I buy a Mac, configure it to run Windows and then just ignore the Mac OS). It's expensive but the big benefit is that Mac hardware is so much quieter than having a Windows box whirring and rattling away beside me. In fact some Mac machines (e.g. the Mac Mini) are literally silent!

I've been saving my pennies with the intention of buying a new Mac Pro when they come out next year - but rumours are rife now that the new Mac Pro will be based around an ARM processor. Unfortunately this doesn't bode well for running Windows on it...

Windows itself would probably run okay but the vast majority of Windows apps are compiled for x86 processors, Therefore they can only be run via an emulator. And from what I've read, 64-bit apps can't be run at all

Just wondering if anyone here's got any practical experience of running Windows on an ARM machine? It sounds like it'd be a huge pain in the butt !