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Thread: How to generate a heatmap of a disk having its different temperatures?

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    How to generate a heatmap of a disk having its different temperatures?

    I'm having some problems in generating heatmaps given a defined figure.
    I'm studying the temperature at the point of contact between two surfaces, a disk and a cylinder that could be modelled as one-dimensional, compared to the disk.

    I have 3 sets of data, 1 for the radius(r) of a disk, another one for the angle (Theta) of the contact point and a last one for the temperature of the contacting point where the friction occurs.

    So far I am able to create the disk and the differents points in a simulation obtained via another program, that gives me the previous sets of data.
    Where I have the trouble is when I want to link the temperature obtained to its point and giving it a colour scale based on its temperature. I don't know how to establish this relationship.

    As I say, this is what I have arrived to, which is only the definition of the points given by the results of the simulation.

    Theta = xlsread('Laiton1.xlsx',1,'G2:G3381'); % Parameter turning angle
    r = xlsread('Laiton1.xlsx',1,'C2:C3381'); % Parameter radius
    Tsurf_d = xlsread('Laiton1.xlsx',1,'E2:E3381'); % Temperature on the surface
    x = r*cos(Theta'); % parametrical transformation of (r,Theta) for the X axis
    y = r*sin(Theta'); % parametrical transformation of (r,Theta) for the Y axis
    Theta1 = linspace(0,360,5000); % Angle to define the 2 circumferences of the disk
    x1 = 0.0145*cos(Theta1); % X points for the inner circumerference
    y1 = 0.0145*sin(Theta1); % Y points for the inner circumerference
    x2 = 0.0475*cos(Theta1); % X points for the external circumerference
    y2 = 0.0475*sin(Theta1); % Y points for the external circumerference

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    Re: How to generate a heatmap of a disk having its different temperatures?

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