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Thread: Is this a good way to become a Programmer? Urgent advice needed plz!

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    Is this a good way to become a Programmer? Urgent advice needed plz!

    Hi, I've been doing research on a career in coding/programming and now I'm very interested and motivated to learn it. I'm a complete beginner and limited financially at present. So I'm confused as to how to go about it. I love reading a lot and sitting on my laptop, so no problem with studying. I'm the type of person that likes to learn an important big wide subject in stages. To first get a decent background and understanding of it. Then to go deeper into it. Is the following way a good way to go about it?

    Go through books such as Sams teach yourself Html, CSS and JavaScript, then some frameworks such as Bootstrap and jQuery. Then make 2 or 3 projects for my GitHub Portfolio. This will be the Front End as far as I know. Then I do similar with the Back End by learning SQL, Python, and as a framework, DJANGO. Then do 2 or 3 more projects for my GitHub Portfolio. Then learn the remaining critical issues such as the latest Security features and Authentication features and e-commerce features. Then do 1 or 2 final projects. I could also learn about WordPress. I think this whole study needs more than 600 hours. But it's worth it as it will open the doors to many good stable jobs, freelance work and also Smartphone App developing.

    After this I can go to some short in-class intensive courses, if need be to round up my skills. Or maybe keeping regular contact with forums will give me enough assistance.

    I would greatly appreciate your sincere advice.

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    Re: Is this a good way to become a Programmer? Urgent advice needed plz!

    Quote Originally Posted by MoTechie View Post
    I would greatly appreciate your sincere advice.
    That's a lot to cover in 4 months considering you are starting from scratch. It's possible to cram lots of information in a short time but it won't be internalized as working knowledge. One purpose of a job interview is to reveal what's beneath the polished surface and it will quickly expose your lack of depth.

    In a 4 month period you can hope to learn only the very basics of computer science and programming. There are suitable and free distance courses open to the public at many top-notch universities. This is one example of many,


    If you decide to try one, make sure it ends with a grade so you have something to show for your effort. This won't turn you into a proficient employable programmer but it's a start in the right direction. Also, to be a successful programmer requires some very specific personality traits and a course like the one above will help you determine whether programming is for you.

    I think you have unrealistic expectations based on a naive view of what it takes both to become and to work as programmer, but I've been wrong before so good luck!
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