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Thread: C++ to VB translation

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    C++ to VB translation

    Good afternoon,

    I'm having some troubles (in the results) to translate the following routine in C++ to VB. It's a routine which messes with complex numbers... So here it is (and how the call is made:

    function Solve(const double al, const complex<double> &z, 
                         const double u, complex<double> &zto, double &r)
        const double ex = abs(z);
        const double ex2 = ex*ex;
        const double ex3 = ex2*ex;
        double e = (al + (ex - ex3/8)*sin(al) + 0.5 * ex2 * sin(2*al) 
                    + 0.375 * ex3 * sin(3*al));
        complex<double> z1 = conj(z);
        for (int k = 0; k < 10; k++)
            const complex<double> z2(0, e);
            const complex<double> zteta = exp(z2);
            const complex<double> z3 = z1*zteta;
            const double dl = al - e + z3.imag();
            r = 1 - z3.real();
            if (fabs(dl) < 1e-12)
                z1 = u * z * z3.imag();
                const complex<double> z2(z1.imag(), -z1.real());
                zto = (-z + zteta + z2)/r;
            e += dl/r;
        xpWarn("Can't converge\n", __FILE__, __LINE__);
    And it's called like this:

        complex<double> z(xk, xh);
        complex<double> zto;
        double r;
         Solve(xl, z, u, zto, r);
    Can someone give me an hand please?...

    Kind regards

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