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Thread: Commission calculation

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    Commission calculation

    I cannot, for the life of figure this out!! Id appreciate any help!!!

    Each salesperson at Canton Inc. receives a commission based on the amount of his or her sales. The commission rates and additional payment amounts are shown in Figure 4-60. Create a Windows Forms application. Use the following names for the project and solution, respectively: Canton Project and Canton Solution. Save the application in the VB2017Chap04 folder Change the form file's name to Main Form.vb. Change the form's name to frmMain. Create the interface shown in Figure 4-60. The text box should accept only numbers, the period, and the Backspace key, and its text should be selected when it receives the focus. Calculate CopyrigM 2018 Cengage Leaning All Rights Reserved May not be copied, seanned, or duplicated, in wholle or in part WCN 02-200-203 the commission, any additional amount, and the total due only when the sales amount is greater than 0; otherwise, display $0.00 as the commission, additional amount, and total due. The calculated amounts should be cleared when a change is made to any of the input items. Save the solution and then start and test the application. The total due for a salesperson who has been with the company for 11 years and whose sales are $13,000 is $2,010.00.) Canton Inc. Qver 10 years Traveling Sales: Calculate Exit Commission only Total due salesperson: Additional amount Sales (S 1-5,999.99 6,000-29,999.99 30,000 and over 10% of sales $600 plus 13% of the sales over 6,000 $3,720 plus 14% of the sales over 30,000 Additional $500 if the salesperson has worked at the company for over 10 years and the sales amount is at least $10,000. $700 if the salesperson travels. Flgure 4-60 Interface and commission information for Exercise 11

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    Re: Commission calculation

    You want us to do your homework??? Nope.

    But as a hint, look at using loops, Select Case and Arrays.

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