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Thread: Importing a drag icon into a VB6 image object.

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    Question Importing a drag icon into a VB6 image object.

    I am running VB6 on Windows XP. I have made 16x16 and 32x32 bitmap icons in Paint in Windows 7 and Windows XP, but none of them will work as drag icons in VB6. I have saved these files as 256 Color bitmap files, 24-bit bitmap files and 16 Color bitmap files (all with "ico" extensions when saving them), but none work. These files work as desktop icons, but I get the message "Invalid property value" when I try to import them as drag icons. How can I make an icon that can be used as a drag icon in VB6?

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    Re: Importing a drag icon into a VB6 image object.

    .ico files are not bitmaps simply changing the extension of a .bmp to .ico does not do anything for you. You need to use a software that can save actual icon files either as .ico or .dll Been a while since I used XP but I do not think there was any native software included with XP that could do this. I had a 3rd party icon creator tool that I used for this under XP.
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