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Thread: [RESOLVED] Vb6 ide

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    [RESOLVED] Vb6 ide

    I've suddenly got a problem with the VB6 IDE. On the right of the IDE are two docked windows, the top one is the Project Explorer, it's fine, below that is the Properties window, it's not fine! For some unknown reason all the entries in the properties window have vanished except <name>, I can click on any control on the form and it shows the name of the control at the top of the properties window but below that where the properties should be listed it only shows <name>.
    I've restarted VB6 a number of times, no help, I've loaded different projects, all are the same.
    Does anyone know what causes this or better still how to fix it?

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    Closing - I fixed it.
    For info, when I changed the properties window to undocked, it appeared in the center pane and it was possible to see there that the actual properties list had somehow been reduced to a zero size. I expanded it and then re-docked the window and everything was Ok again.

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