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Thread: Saving a custom populated toolbox

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    Saving a custom populated toolbox

    I filled my toolbox with components needed for a series of programs I wish to create. But the added in components disappear when I restart app. Annoying! I dont recall this happening to me all those years ago.

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    Re: Saving a custom populated toolbox

    A bit more thought. First, I did not do anything special to save icons in toolbox. A checkmark in the components listing was enough to hold things in place. In this fresh install of vb6 the checkboxes in the component manager keeps disappearing and reappearing, making believe that something is a bit unstable with my manager.

    Any clue as to the component managers file name and any associated files that may go with it? My install of vb6 was updated with sp5 directly on no sp 1..to 4. Then sp5 was followed with 5b, 6, and finally 6b. Hopefully the earlier sps were incorporated into sp5. Thanks

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    Re: Saving a custom populated toolbox

    You probably need to create a template and use it.
    When you start a new project in VB6 there are templates to choose from. The most basic and commonly used is standard exe which adds minimal references and the basic controls in the toolbox. Near the end of the list is another template called Pro Edition controls which if choosen adds several more controls to the tool box.

    You can however create a new standard exe project. Add whatever controls and/or references that are needed then save the project. You can then copy the project to the templates folder and have that as a project type when you start a new project. Choosing it will load the references, controls,forms, classes, modules and even code that is saved in the template. btw when using a saved template to start a new project it creates a new copy of any form, module, class as part of your new project. It does not modify the actual template.
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