Hey, so recently I came across this vid on youtube:

and I'd like to make the same thing for myself. I have an Epson LQ-690 dot matrix printer.
Creator has posted his code (apparently Epson ESC/P script) which looks like this:

# LPnewswire draft, Albert Schaferle 2014-10-04
touch $TMPt0
curl --silent $feedURI | xml2 > $TMPt1
feedNAME=$(cat $TMPt1 | grep "^/rss/channel/title" | cut -d\= -f2)
echo -n "Started reading from "$feedNAME" on " | tee -a $NLOG
date -R | tee -a $NLOG
echo "Priting new headlines from "$feedNAME" - press CTRL + C to exit"
while true
    curl --silent $feedURI | xml2 > $TMPt1
    diff --ignore-blank-lines -b --ignore-case --old-line-format='' \
         --new-line-format='%L' --unchanged-line-format='' \
           $TMPt0 $TMPt1 > $TMPdelta
        if [[ -s $TMPdelta ]] ; then # is delta non-empty?
        NTIME=$(date -R)
        NNEWL=$(cat $TMPdelta | wc -l)
        echo "Found "$NNEWL" new lines @ "$NTIME | tee -a $NLOG
        cat $TMPdelta | # bold title, normal description, rh-justified pubDate, all NLQ
            grep "^/rss/channel/item/title\|^/rss/channel/item/description\|^/rss/channel/item/pubDate" |
            sed '/title=/ s/$/ \\e\\x46/' |
            sed 's,/rss/channel/item/title=,\\e\\x78\\x01\\e\\x61\\x00\\e\\x45\\e\\x47\n,' |
            sed 's,/rss/channel/item/description=,,' |
            sed 's,/rss/channel/item/pubDate=,\\e\\x46\\e\\x61\\x02,' |
            cut -d\< -f1 |
            sed '/^$/d' |
            iconv -f UTF-8 -t IBM437 |
            xargs --null echo -ne |
            fold -sw 80 |
            lpr -P lpt-raw
        cp $TMPt1 $TMPt0 # I'm copying to cover up against curl giving blank output
        else echo "."
    fi ;
sleep 1m
echo "LPnewswire on "$feedNAME" exiting."
Since I am an absolute newbie, and I have literally no knowledge about POS or any simmilar language (besides it looks pretty simple and it looks like it's pretty easy to learn) I have a simple question.
How can you run this script? Do I have to compile it into an executable file? What software can be used to launch it?
Could anyone please help me figuring this out?

Thanks in advance!