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Thread: Can I make my own datatype in C++?

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    Can I make my own datatype in C++?

    I know that classes can be cleverly used to make custom datatype-like classes. But you have to rely on existing datatypes like the char datatype.

    But can I make, for instance, my own datatype that is a 32-byte integer type (for example)?

    If you were to make an arbitrary size datatype then using char datatypes has to be really inefficient right? Then how do people implement arbitrary size datatypes?

    Would the 32-byte integer type be greater in efficiency than a class maintaining 32 chars?

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    Re: Can I make my own datatype in C++?

    The short answer is yes. A char datatype is just an interpretation of 8 bits of memory. A 32-byte integer type would be an interpretation of 256 bits of memory.

    Re arbitrary size datatype. If the size is known at compile time then there are algorithms that enable add, sub, multiply, divide etc (usually in asembler). if the size is only known during run-time, then this is still possible but becomes much more complex. This is usually used for what is called bitint (Arbitrary precision arithmetic). See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arbitr...ion_arithmetic
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    Re: Can I make my own datatype in C++?

    How do bitint implement? Using char datatype and classes? Would there theoretically be a better way that could have been supported by the langauge (that allows arbitrary precision)?

    What if the size if known at compile time what can I use instead of bitint? Is it much faster than bitint?
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    Re: Can I make my own datatype in C++?

    Quote Originally Posted by Numb View Post
    Would there theoretically be a better way that could have been supported by the langauge?
    In principle a program cannot be faster than the hardware it runs on. Therefore C++ defines a set of fundamental types that almost certainly will have hardware support on every computer,


    Not everything in programming is about raw number crunching (it's about abstraction too) but in numerical scientific applications for example there is a price to pay for replacing the fundamental types. Before you do that it's better to first try to reformulate and/or rescale the problem so it won't be necessary. Do numbers really have to be that big (or small)? Ar all those decimal places really needed?
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