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Thread: Weird networking problem

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    Weird networking problem

    I'm not really expecting a solution here but I'm hoping someone can suggest a forum where I could maybe get help with this....

    Basically I've got 2 x Windows 7 PC's here and they're networked together wirelessly (via a wireless internet router). It all works fine but one of the machines is quite old now so a week ago I decided to buy something newer.

    The new machine runs Windows 10 and I've connected it (again wirelessly) and joined it to the same workgroup as the other two machines. It can access shared folders on the Win7 machines and it can also access the internet - BUT - the Win7 machines don't seem to see the new Win10 one very reliably. One Win7 machine won't see it at all and the other does eventually see it - but not until an hour or so after the machines have all been switched on.

    Can anyone suggest what might be wrong here? Or maybe another forum where I could get some help with this?

    [Edit...] BTW I've tried disabling Windows Firewall temporarily (on the Win7 machines) and also disabling Windows Defender (on the Win10 machine) but that didn't make any difference
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