Java SE v. 1.8.0 / Intellij IDE

Can I hide or remove the 'carrot' (upside down triangle) from a JavaFX ComboBox caused after implementing the ComboBoxListViewSkin class (see pic below)?

The ComboBoxListViewSkin class was implemented as part of an AutoComplete method to manage and consume the [SPACE] character in the JavaFX ComboBox though the class's getPopupContent().addEventFilter. After implementing, it adds the 'carrot' in the upper left corner of the JavaFX ComboBox.

I'm a little naive about such things. I was hoping someone may know how I could hide or remove it. I'm not sure what it even indicates. I've messed with a few class methods but I haven't been able to figure it out. I haven't worked little or not at all with CSS, so I wasn't sure if that was also a more likely solution. Any thoughts welcome.


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The implementing code, to help demonstrate what I'm doing.
cbSkin = new ComboBoxListViewSkin(cmb);
cbSkin.getPopupContent().addEventFilter(KeyEvent.KEY_PRESSED, (event) -> {
            if(event.getCode() == KeyCode.SPACE){
                filter += " ";