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Thread: Reading .ini files

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    Reading .ini files

    I'm in a process of translating some old code and I'm stuck on reading some specific ".ini" files, I use
    like this:

    Properties prop = new Properties();
    prop.load(new FileInputStream("sample.ini"));
    prop.forEach((key, value) -> System.out.println("Key : " + key + ", Value : " + value));
    This is the "sample.ini":

    But the section's end up being read as keys, this is what I get as an output:
    Key : Key1.1, Value : Val1.1
    Key : Key1.2, Value : Val1.2
    Key : [Sec2], Value :
    Key : Key2.1, Value : Val2.1
    Key : [Sec1], Value :

    If needed, I could work with this and handle the section names myself, but then the problem is that the data is not stored in the same order as it was in the input file.

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    Re: Reading .ini files

    Search "how to read an ini file in java" in bing or google. There are a lot of examples.

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    Re: Reading .ini files

    I found this solution on SO and it worked great.

    public static Map<String, Properties> parseINI(Reader reader) throws IOException {
    Map<String, Properties> result = new HashMap();
    new Properties() {

    private Properties section;

    public Object put(Object key, Object value) {
    String header = (((String) key) + " " + value).trim();
    if (header.startsWith("[") && header.endsWith("]"))
    return result.put(header.substring(1, header.length() - 1),
    section = new Properties());
    return section.put(key, value);

    return result;

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