i am not vba programmer, but plain old embedded c programmer..want to use vba to create design document..

I have document with tables in section 9.2 And a section 9.3, with elements of table.
I want to fill the tables with the IEs in the tables of section 9.3

Lets say, in table, the "Message Type" IE has "IE type and reference" to So i want to
fill that from If any fields in, have any other IEs and reference also needs to be filled.
But lets say field "Bearer Context Status Change" doesnot have any "IE type and reference" , is just that field.

And in the output, i am just interested in first two columns only.

The fields (Information Element) are specified in section 9.3. The fields within these also can be nested.
e.g 4th row of table "Criticality Diagnostics" refers to So this again needs to be
filled accordingly.

I have manually filled these for messages in section 9.2.1. I want to automate with script, so easier when spec
version changes.

The table in E1output is manually filled for all messages of section 9.2.2.
I want to automate for filling in same way for 9.2.1.
And also automation/script helps if any changes in fields, in later version of specs

Note: im interested in filling only first two columns. some Ies in second column of my
manual example is missing, it is because of my mistake.

E1input is split into 5 files, as total file size exceeds the limit E1input1.docE1input2.docE1input3.docE1input4.docE1input5.doc