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Thread: Visual Studio C++ projects with UI

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    Visual Studio C++ projects with UI


    I would like to know in Visual Studio 2017, what kind of projects with a user interface would be in a native C++ framework so that I can link it to a C++ library (.lib file). Before I was using a CLR project with a UI and tried to link it to a C++ library (.lib file) but could not link it because that application was in a .NET framework.


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    Re: Visual Studio C++ projects with UI

    Strange. The whole idea with C++/CLI was that legacy C++ code should work with .NET. Did you select "mixed mode" in the project settings? It should allow you to mix native and managed code in the same program.

    If you don't need or want .NET you can create an MFC project,

    It will be a native C++ project that allows you to provide a GUI for your application.

    If you don't want to use MFC you can instead go for a third party GUI. There are a bunch to select from, for example Win32++, wxWidgets, FLTK and Qt. In that case it's best I think to start with an example application that comes with the download and then modify and expand it to your liking.

    Otherwise you can create a Windows desktop project. You will them build the GUI by making calls to Windows,
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