What's new:

🔸PVS-Studio now supports Visual Studio 2019. Visual C++,.NET Framework and .NET Core projects from Visual Studio 2019 can be analyzed from IDE itself, or from command line through PVS-Studio_Cmd.exe tool.

🔹PVS-Studio C# analyzer now supports new syntax from C# 8.0.

🔸PVS-Studio C# now can detect potential null dereferences (V3080 rule) inside methods when potential null value is passed to a method as an argument.

🔹Plug-in for PVS-Studio Java analyzer is now available in the official JetBrains plug-in repository. You can now also install integration with IDEA through our Windows Installer.

🔸PVS-Studio plug-ins for IDEA, Maven and Gradle now provide mass suppression of analyzer messages, which can be used to hide analyzer warnings on a legacy code during analyzer integration into development process.

🔹Compiler Monitoring for Windows now can correctly work when monitoring a build under Keil uVision in case a Windows user name contains non-Latin characters.

Besides, it includes some new MISRA diagnostics.

Visit the link to download the analyzer and check your project 😉 - https://www.viva64.com/en/pvs-studio-download/