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Thread: Copy SQL Server settings

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    Copy SQL Server settings

    My company upgraded SQL Server from 2008 R2 to 2017. I did the same upgrade on my development machine. Since that when I run VB6 program some processes produce errors on my local workstation with connection to the local SQL Server, but everything works perfect from the same workstation when I connect to the production server.
    I suspect that initial settings of SQL Server on the production server were done differently that I did.
    What it can be? Our technician has no idea, I have a pretty weak knowledge of SQL settings.
    As an example, VB6 project create ADODB recordset via SQL Server stored procedure with parameters and at some point is trying to use Requery method of the recordset. On the production connection it works fine as it used to within many years, on the local connection it complaints about one missing parameter.
    I think I need to adjust settings in my local SQL server to match to production settings.
    How can I do that?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Copy SQL Server settings

    Doing research on internet I found some script allowing to see some settings. The difference I already see: On the production server the edition of SQL Server is standard, on my workstation it is Developer.
    May it be the source for errors?

    Thank you

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    Re: Copy SQL Server settings

    Dev vs. Std editions probably aren't the issue.

    Try this: In SSMS, right click on the server connection and choose properties. Look at the advanced page settings. Next, right click on the database and choose properties and select the options page. You'll want to compare both sets of settings between local and prd. Note: the properties of each can be scripted ('script' drop down at the top of the properties dialog). This will make comparing easier.

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