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Thread: VS2019 - why doesn't it like vcxproj files any more ?

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    VS2019 - why doesn't it like vcxproj files any more ?

    Until recently I'd been using VS2015. I've attached a small snip from my Solution Explorer showing a VS Solution which contains some sub-projects. You'll see some sub-projects called liblo, intl, and sigc++. These all get implemented via vcxproj files.

    Yesterday I installed VS2019 but when I tried to load that VS Solution, all its projects showed up as "unloaded". I tried loading them manually (via Add->Existing Project) but the file window won't even show me any vcxproj files (it only seems to know about Solution files). So I created a Solution file for one of the projects and tried to load it. That produced a dialog saying Preparing Solution and then VS2019 just hung!!!

    Determined not to be beaten I then opted for Add->Existing Item. That window does show me vcxproj files - but when I try to load one, it doesn't load the project as I'd expect (it literally loads the actual vcxproj file into my Editor window!!)

    What's going on here???

    [Edit...] I'm not sure if this'll make sense but I don't think it's actually installed everything. I decided to see if I could create a new VC++ project from scratch - and this time, it created a sln file, plus a small folder structure containing an extra file called .suo (but no vcxproj file). It's as if I've only installed the Solution Explorer somehow but none of the other components that are needed...
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