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Thread: Have you ever wondered, in this day and age, REALLY?

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    Have you ever wondered, in this day and age, REALLY?

    Back in 2001 and 2002 I frequented this forum under a different nomenclature, when I was just a wee little young adult in the beginning of the development of my teaching myself to engineer software.

    I am writing this multi step application that is open source, probably the one open source application that I am going to do for the rest of my life, I am backing the source code up after each step of advancement that is a major update in the development of the application. I am writing this particularly in x64 assembly language, after I finished the code for the 1st step, I went over to create an article in a list of events that are to be associated with the development of this application, I spent over a good hour on the article, went to preview it, noticed it needed formatting such as HTML or such to be able to create a more sensible layout, I went to go edit the article and POOF all of my WONDERFUL article content, the entirety of the article, WENT INTO THE WILD BLUE YONDER without even a thought out there on the informational neural net now known as the REALLY, HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN IN 2019? DUH of the world...

    Anyways, I have the code of the related project, lucky I always write my project code before I even considering speaking about something such as this anymore.

    I am too frustrated after all the intricate thought I put into that article.
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