Hi All,

I come from eclipse development in linux to windows based development.

I have a solution: which has three projects.

In the main directory: VeloxPropagationModel, there are three directories: libutil, VeloxPropagationModels, VeloxModelTester. each of them are projects.

Now I want to add one more directory, called, WrapperFunction. This solution, I want to include, libutil , and VeloxPropagationModels. And also create a new project similar to VeloxModelTester.

Currently in the VeloxModelTester, just includes the header files from the VeloxPropagationModels. But when i do the same in the WrapperFunction, it gives error. Is there any place, i can specify this path ?

thanks a lot
It is bit urgent, so helpful if i get some help at the earliest