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Thread: Passing arguments in vb6.0 ?

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    Passing arguments in vb6.0 ?

    Assuming I have truyen.exe file, I want to give notice to truyen.exe file to output the message with the syntax: Drive:\truyen.exe "example communication", I want to pass the file to truyen.exe. how to declare exe yourself?

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    Re: Passing arguments in vb6.0 ?

    You need to compile the app so it can process command line parameters.

    Try searching google for "command line parameters vb6".

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    Re: Passing arguments in vb6.0 ?

    You would need to add code to your truyen project to process the command line parameters. When a VB program is started the var Command$ will contain any command line parameters that were passed from the command line. Your code will need to look at that var and take whatever action on it that you want it to do such as open a file and place it in a text box or whatever the case may be.
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