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Thread: Backup & Recovery software

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    Backup & Recovery software

    Which software are people recommending these days for backup & recovery? For years I used Paragon's Drive Backup but when I bought a new PC, I wasn't sure if it'd cope any more with my GPT partitioning scheme. And it was old anyway - so I updated to Paragon's latest product (Hard Disk Manager). But I must admit I've been hugely disappointed with its limitations.

    For example, I can't even name the backup archives (it generates an automatic name now, based on the date & time). The previous software would let me give archives a meaningful name - and even add comments to remind me if I'd created them for some special reason. All of that's gone now.

    Worst of all... the latest Paragon product contains a feature for checking the integrity of its generated archives - but I reckon around 20% of them fail its own integrity checker!! (which means it subsequently won't allow me to restore anything).

    So time to start looking somewhere else...
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