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Thread: WM_TIMER message

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    WM_TIMER message's behavior


    I have a simple question regarding the WM_TIMER message. As I understand, messages for a certain Window Procedure are run one by one, as it is said in the book Programming Windows 5th ed. by Charles Petzold at page 55 (section Queued and Nonqueued Messages)

    Regarding the WM_TIMER message, it seems that it is an exception..if I have

    SetTimer(hWnd, 3, 500, NULL);

    at the end of the WM_CREATE message in a window procedure, so I set up the timer with Id 3 that is to be run each 0.5 seconds, and if

    if (wParam == 3)
    MessageBox(hWnd, TEXT("3"), NULL, MB_OK);

    then it seems that processing a WM_TIMER message for timer 3 is interrupted by the next WM_TIMER message for timer 3..and so on..

    Is WM_TIMER special, and if yes, are there also other special messages?

    Waiting for your valuable reply,
    D Narcis
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