I have to write a macro to change the branding and the structure of a word document (method of procedure - MOP) based on the following requirements:

1. We have a MOP document written in our company's template. The client, however, wants the same document in their company's format. So, we need to rebrand the document per the client company's template.

2. We also need to make changes to the placement of content. For example, in our document, there is a section called "Pre-installation Checks". The content from this section needs to go into a table in the Client's document. So, it means we need to make structural changes to the document.
There would be more such structural changes throughout the document. I can work on those if you can provide an example for one such change.

The idea here is for the engineers who are not very familiar with Word to work on these documents with just a click of the macros.

Could you please help with writing a macro for these two requirements?

Thank you!