i have 2 positions 3D on NewPosition3D array.
i'm testing if the Z position is outside camera and if is, i must save that position:
If ((NewPosition3D(0).Z) > Camera1.Position.Z) Then
        blFixedPoint = False
        Me.Caption = "inside " & CStr(NewPosition3D(0).Z)
        If (blFixedPoint = False) Then 'save the position only once
            FixedPoint = NewPosition3D(0)
            blFixedPoint = True
            NewPosition3D(0) = FixedPoint
        End If
        NewPosition3D(0) = FixedPoint  'use, always, that position while the blFixedPoint  is true
        Me.Caption = "outside" & CStr(NewPosition3D(0).Z)
        If (((NewPosition3D(0).Z + NewPosition3D(1).Z) < Camera1.Position.Z) Or (NewPosition3D(0).Z + NewPosition3D(1).Z) = 0) Then
            Exit Sub
        End If
    End If
i get 1 wrong position... can anyone explain to me what i'm doing wrong for save the last position?