How to set font in combobox ?
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Thread: How to set font in combobox ?

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    How to set font in combobox ?


    I've created a dialog box with several controls : an edit box, radio buttons and a combobox.
    For the text in the combobox, i'd like to have a different font than the one in the rest of the dialog box.

    Can anyone tell me how to do this ???


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    Re: How to set font in combobox ?

    Common controls defive their font/size from the dialog template.
    You can't change this. You can use an ocx control instead, which
    can independently set font & size properties.

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    Re: How to set font in combobox ?

    First you must have a member variable of the typ CComboBox.
    In OnCreate() you can create a CFont object, initialize it and then you can set m_myComboBox.SetFont(newFont).

    I hope it will help


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