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Thread: _getcwd

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    I was using the _getcwd() function to get thge current working directory and I noticed that while running an app in debug, the current working directory is not the same directory as the location of the executable. I was wondering if there is a better function than _getcwd() for retreiving the working directory as I really want the directory of the executable file that is the current process.


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    Re: _getcwd

    LPCSTR getAppPath()
    { // returns path with trailing slash ex c:\temp\
    static char cPath[MAX_PATH];
    static BOOL bDone = FALSE;
    if (!bDone)
    GetModuleFileName(NULL, cPath, MAX_PATH);
    char lpszDrive[_MAX_DRIVE];
    char lpszDir[_MAX_DIR];
    lpszDrive[0] = '\0';
    lpszDir[0] = '\0';
    _splitpath(cPath, lpszDrive, lpszDir, NULL, NULL);
    wsprintf(cPath, "%s%s", lpszDrive ,lpszDir);
    bDone = TRUE;
    return cPath;


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