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    Warning: not executing disabled command

    What does this mean?

    Warning: not executing disabled command

    This occurs when I try to click on a menu item that I have mapped into the View. And the menu item isn't greyed out or disabled either.

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    Re: Warning: not executing disabled command

    The trace statement appears in CWnd::OnCommand, and from the source code (and the accompanying comment) I read this:

    Before MFC starts routing a WM_COMMAND message, it checks if the command has already been disabled, by sending an UPDATE_CMD_UI "request". Reason for this: UI gets updated in MFC's idle handler only, which mght be called long after a logical state change has occured ("long" means a few 100 ms, but this are a few million clock ticks nowadays...)

    I don't know of any other reason tis might happen, except that you actually have an UpdateCmdUI handler for this command message, and this one already noticed some state chaneg (e.g. you set a flag that the command is now disallowed - but when??)

    Helped a bit?

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