Information on posting:

Before posting:
Has your question already be asked and answered before? Check the threads and try a search. Your answer may already be here.

Is an answer to your question available in an article on the primary site ( There are thousands of articles, so you should check. If it is a Visual C++ question, then did you check the C++ FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions page)?

Post to only one forum - post to the forum that fits your question. Posting to more than one forum is considered SPAM and is prohibited without permission

Select NEW THREAD () to post a NEW question.

Select POST REPLY () to respond to an existing question. Don't select New Thread to respond to a question

Your subject line will impact how well your question is answered. Your subject line should indicate the topic you are asking or commenting about. Here are some suggestions:

  • Be concise.

  • If you can do it in just a few words, ask a question or state the topic of your question.

  • If you cannot state your question or comment in just a few words, then type the topic of your question or comment as the subject line

  • Don't simply say "help". It is assumed that if you ask a question, you want help.

  • If your subject line isn't concise or doesn't indicate a specific topic, many people will skip your posting.

Your Posting
Just as important to your subject line is the posting or question itself.

  • Be concise, however...

  • Make sure you ask a question if you want an answer.

  • Make sure your provide enough details. For example, if you ask a database question, it might be necessary to include the database you are accessing.

  • Make sure your question fits within the category you are posting. Posting a Visual Basic question in the Visual C++ forum will result in a lower chance for an answer.

  • Use real grammer. If you use things like "u r gr8", you are going to be seen as unprofessional. Worse, many of the people who speak English as a second language may not understand what you are saying -- and thus won't be able to response.

  • If you want to make a personal response back to someone, use private messages instead of responding in the public forum. Private Messages can be sent with the PM button.

Most of the forums will allow you to add an attachment. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. If you are going to include an attachment to your post consider the following:

  • Do you really need an attachment? If providing the attachment doesn't add to your question, then don't include it. Most people won't look at an attachment. If your attachment is a short code listing, then you are better to include the code (or a snippet of your code) in your message rather than as an attached file.

  • What files do you really need to attach? Granted, it is a zip file that you will most likely attach; however, what files do you really need to include? In most cases, you will only need the .h and .cpp files for C++ and VC++ files. In VB you will only need the forms and coding files. If there are files that are not needed, then don't include them. Executable files are typically not needed.

  • Many people use mobile devices. Larger attachments will be avoided because they take too long to download. In general, you should try to keep your attachments under 100k.

Including Code
If you include listings within your messages, please use the button or code tags from within the message editors. This will format your code using a non-proportional font and it will preserve spacing. Most importantly, will make your code easier to read.

Inappropriate Posts
The AUP (usage policy) is available via a link at the bottom of the forum pages. It details the usage policy for the forums.

If you want to create a test post or simply experiment with formatting and posting features, then go to the Testing forum. You can do test posts in that forum.

A special note about Homework
We have an FAQ about homework questions. If your question is related to a homework assignment, then read this FAQ. It will help you, help yourself!

Also feel free to read the F.A.Q.s for the site by clicking the FAQ link.

Forum Moderators There are a number of moderators who help with the forum. Each forum will have listed the moderators assigned to that forum. Additionally, there are several "Super Moderators" who are able to help you with forum questions in any forum. The moderators are not here to answer your specific technical questions, but rather to help you post and use the forum. Many do, however, regularly answer questions as well. For a list of moderators, you can check out the Forum Leaders page.

If you have suggestions for changes or updates to this announcement, send a PM to Brad Jones