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  1. Re: How delete all files and folders of rootkit while this rootkit is running?

    Please write did you find the solution of this problem?
  2. Re: Ipv6 link local address and client server application

    IPv6 link-local and site-local addresses are called scoped addresses. The Windows Sockets (Winsock) API supports the sin6_scope_id member in the sockaddr_in6 structure for use with scoped addresses....
  3. Re: How delete folders and subfolders using a kernel driver (.sys)?

    you already saw ( or have ) some code that is able to delete folders and your subfolders via kernel driver?

    if yes, you can provide here please? i already searched in several sites on web and...
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    Re: Graphic Design and Logo

    I recommend visit this source "Graphics Programming in C and C++, OpenGL, SDL, 3d rotation" -
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    Re: A Game Debug.txt Info Required

    I am really at a loss as to them not even responding to questions, other bugs are in the game, but the crashing is obviously the worst
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    Re: A QuickSort MT question...

    This is my naive approach:

    int naive_quick_sort(std::vector<Type>::iterator begin, std::vector<Type>::iterator end) {
    auto const sz = end - begin;
    if (sz <= 1) return 0;

    auto pivot =...
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    Re: File Copy Question - Windows Form

    The CopyFileEx function provides two additional capabilities. CopyFileEx can call a specified callback function each time a portion of the copy operation is completed, and CopyFileEx can be canceled...
  8. Re: error on sending fax using FAXCOMEXLib on iis

    "how to give that user access?"
    Did you decide this problem?
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    Re: Display issues

    I have not problem with your code. Using VS2015 with Windows 8.
  10. Re: error on sending fax using FAXCOMEXLib on iis

    My first try: Open up task manager... check under which context w3wp.exe is executing and give that user access.
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    Re: Real Time reading and drawing

    I'm not aware of another method that tells you that you can have exclusive ownership of a file. Trying again a couple times a second won't hurt.
  12. Re: App(mfc) failing in Release build due to compiler optimization but works in debug

    DebugView is an application that lets you monitor debug output on your local system, or any computer on the network that you can reach via TCP/IP. It is capable of displaying both kernel-mode and...
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    Re: ASP.NET maximum length exceed issue

    If you are using IIS for hosting your application, then the default upload file size if 4MB. To increase it, please use this below section in your web.config -

  14. Re: [RESOLVED] how make a multithread synchronization correctly?

    I have read and digest this book 'C++ Concurrency In Action'. Very intresting and ushelp.
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    Re: A Game Debug.txt Info Required

    A developer would need to run the game through a debugger and step through the code. Probably some resource isn't getting freed up so after a while the game can't create the new device for the layer...
  16. Re: What is the difference between SQL notification and SQL invalidation

    The SQL cache notification generates notifications when the data of a database changes, on which your cache item depends.

    The SQL cache invalidation makes a cached item invalid when the data...
  17. Re: how make a multithread synchronization correctly?

    i found the problem. how i resolve it: asynchronous the Read() function. but the next lines was not executed, because the Read() isn't a new thread. let me ask: imagine that 1 variable string have a...
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    Re: AJAX code does not always work in IE

    When the ASP.NET AJAX Functionality is not working on a web page, it is usually due to the fact that the javascript needed for AJAX is not sent to the client from the server for some reason.

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    Re: Trouble with C And Windows Runtime

    The error message is exactly what it says it is - VC++ does not support C++/CX extensions - enabled with /ZW compiler switch - in files compiled as C (which kinda makes sense, since those extensions...
  20. Re: Adobe flash player and DirectShow filters in IE

    Please write, did you decided your problem?
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    Re: best language for writing drivers?

    1. The pro way: get Borland C++ Builder and use CLX Application to write for Unix platforms..

    2. The 'homemade' way : get the free compiler DJGPP (C language)
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    Re: Want to build chat room for my new website.

    This is a collection of 10 free website chat widgets that you can install on your websites. 10-free-website-chat-widgets-to-make-your-site-interactive/
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    Re: best language for writing drivers?

    Video card drivers use C/C++ and Assembly language. If you're thinking of making a driver, then you should know that you'll probably never get the proper hardware programming information that you...
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    Multiple rows in one textbox

    How do I display multiple database rows in the one textBox?

    However it displays only one.
  25. Re: Conversion from VB 6.0/ Oracle 8i to PHP/ Oracle or PHP/ MySQL

    MySQL Migration Toolkit MySQL Migration Toolkit 6.1 - It allows you to convert any data source to MySQL and vice versa.
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