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  1. Re: Run Powershell commands inside Winform C# with another users crfedential

    I tried this on my local laptop, it works:

    var con = new WSManConnectionInfo();
    con.Credential = new PSCredential("user", "pass".ToSecureString());
    Runspace runspace =...
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    Re: Payroll Management in ASP.Net

    Have a look on :
  3. Re: how to add faviourite icon in my application

    href is the url (location) of the icon or in general, the referenced document. type is its MIME type.
  4. Re: WCF Custom User Name Password Validator to read from Database

    Something is wrong with the logic. you don't pass the username and password to MyDB.dbo.GetCredentials and seems that it returns all the records which is not a good implementation. The performance...
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    Re: database question for beginner

    As usual with this kind of decisions. It depends.
    Generally, if you need complex joins and transactional store then an RDBMS like SQL Server is a good choice.
    Other options for more flexible data...
  6. Re: Returning Errors from a class (within a Class Library)

    I agree that form submission validations should not be handeled using exceptions, the user should get feedback as soon as possbile, or be protected from entering invalid data in the first place.
  7. Re: Returning Errors from a class (within a Class Library)

    Exceptions, not error codes should be used to communicate errors to callers in class libraries. you should not assume that the caller is a UI thread in a windows forms application, as long as your...
  8. Re: unable to add dll into silverlight 4.0 project

    You can check this
  9. Re: Error : Must declare the scalar variable

    You don't pass the paramArray to the command. So sql server does not know about your parameters.
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    Re: A resource file for each CS file

    You don't have to make a resource file for each CS. What type of projects is this? (web. winforms).
    Is this a migrated project from an older VS version?
  11. Re: unable to add dll into silverlight 4.0 project

    Silverlight is a different UI framework from Windows forms. You should use XAML to create your UI. Do you need a specific functionality in Windows Forms that is not available in Silverlight?
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    Re: problem of exe and DLL

    I think you need to use reflector to get the DLL source code and add it to your source project.
    Make sure you are not breaking any licence :)
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    Re: problem of exe and DLL

    I'm not sure if I understood your requirements correctly, but did you check ILMerge
  14. Re: Unable to retrieve data from database when use the Like operator in sql statement

    * is used when executing the query from Ms access or DAO. While % works with OLEDB.
    Not sure about ODBC or JDBC.
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    Re: The multi-part identifier could not be bound

    CMS_MANAGER is not referenced. it's not in the joins or the from clause. And it's not an alias to any table used in the query.
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    Re: Checkbox AddHandler

    this is the code converted to c#

  17. Re: How can Made Winzip Application in visual basic .net 2008?

    You can use sharpziplib: for the compression/decompression.
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    Re: one to many relationship in sql

    As I clarified in my post, you can skip the associative table, and you don't need a composite key if the id in the User table is the PK.
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    Re: one to many relationship in sql

    In this case you don't need to have a 3rd table. This is a one to many relationship.
    Just add a user id column to the order and make a foreign key:

    ALTER TABLE order ADD CONSTRAINT user_order...
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    Re: Strength of MSAccess 2007.

    I don't recommend ms access for such application. It's not good under high concurrency.
    I suggest using MS Sql server express edition. It's free and you can upgrade to a standard or enterprise...
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    Re: change class object

    If you mean changing the value of classA changing a value of one of its properties, then yes, the new value will reflect in classB instance. That because classA is a reference type. So both...
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    Re: what language should i learn??

    I think the point is not only the language. It's the framework and the distribution of the software. For example, do you need to make it cross platform?
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    Re: C Sharp and Deploying an App

    There are many options:

    If you prefer xcopy deployment, just zip the application and put it on a share.
    You can use click once deployment, in this case you also place the application on a...
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    Re: How to create a save file dialog in C#

    This sample code does this:

    string path="";

    FileDialog dlg=new SaveFileDialog();
    DialogResult result = dlg.ShowDialog();

  25. Re: Can mvc host both silverlight and application?

    I think that by in your question, you mean web forms. because both mvc and web forms are
    So yes, you can have the same site hosting mvc and web forms.
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