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  1. Re: Intel Visual Fortran on MS Visual Studio 2010 is not creating an exe after build

    It's not a permissions thing, because I can create files in the folders. I guess I can always try and re-install software.
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    How can I choose an entry from xml ?

    Hi, let's say I made a articles' section with 2 entries.
    <section id="8" handle="title-content-section">TitleAndContent</section>
    <entry id="9">
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    Re: example of SO_RCVTIMEO using setsockopt()

    By various reasons I would like to implement timeout on reading and writing to socket in a server but fail to get it running and therefore kindly ask for some insight into wherein the problem may...
  4. Re: How to make your own uwp app to be opened with uri-scheme?

    In the Solution Explorer, double-click package.appxmanifest to open the manifest designer. Select the Declarations tab and in the Available Declarations drop-down, select Protocol and then click Add....
  5. Thread: Microsoft Excel

    by essay

    Re: Microsoft Excel

    I am getting the error, Microsoft Passport Container service terminated with the following error: General access denied. This happens when I try to purchase anything through the windows store. I...
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