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  1. Re: Why stay with C++ and not move to C#?

    Sorry. Yes -- this is a "religious" question and is out of line.
    Thank you for the reply. I agree. C++ will live on.

    Moderator -- it might be best to delete this thread.
  2. [RESOLVED] Why stay with C++ and not move to C#?

    I have stayed with VC (through managed C++ and now C++/CLI) and stayed away from C#. Initially, because I did not want to learn a new language. BUT! the learning curve to C# could not have been...
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    Re: Refactoring and Class diagrams

    It is obvious C# has priority. Can you give us an idea of
    the size of the two teams? How many people work on VC++
    (C++/CLI) versa C# -- if not exact numbers -- a percentage
    of how much bigger...
  4. Re: Why is Microsoft so shy promoting the benefits of unmanaged C++?

    While I concur with the tread that there is an almost total lack of classic C++ documentation; my lament is for the lack of C++/CLI examples. MSDN documentation is strongly slanted to the C# and VB...
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