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  1. Thread: Thank you!!!

    by steixeira

    Sticky: Re: Thank you!!!

    I want to thank everyone that came to chat with us! Your thoughts and feedback are much appreciated, and I can assure you that chatting with you this week has definitely been our pleasure!

    All the...
  2. Re: Using VC++ non-Win embedded environments

    We don't have any plans right now to provide infrastructure in Visual Studio to support C++ development targeting non-Microsoft platforms. It's funny you ask, because I actually had a conversation...
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    Re: .NET linker

    We're doing some research in this area right now, but as of now this research is not close to being productized.


    Steve Teixeira
    Group Program Manager
    Visual C++
  4. Re: What's the features/inovations expected for Orcas

    Regarding the Orcas release in general: we are already executing on our development plan. At this point, it would be very difficult for us to schedule any new Orcas features. As I mentioned in...
  5. Re: What's the features/inovations expected for Orcas

    It's still too early to talk about a lot of specifics, but I can say that the general theme of the Orcas release is to enable developers to build applications that leverage the platform capabilities...
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    Re: [RESOLVED] What about the ATL future?

    Just ATL Server. We are not considering deprecating all of ATL in Orcas -- COM remains alive and well, despite what you may have heard. :)


    Steve Teixeira
    Group Program Manager...
  7. Re: Why stay with C++ and not move to C#?

    C# is a great language, and is actually my language of choice in most scenarios when developing pure, safe managed code. C++/CLI offers some nice linguistic goodies, such as templates, deterministic...
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    Re: C# vs Managed C++

    >>1) Performance related : Do managed applications written in Managed C++ run faster than the same application written in C#?<<

    Managed code written in C++/CLI does tend to perform better than...
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    Re: LINQ for C++ developers?

    We don't have plans to support the LINQ technologies in C++ in the Orcas release. We haven't ruled out supporting LINQ in a subsequent release. When/if we do LINQ will depend in large part on...
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    Re: What about the ATL future?

    Hi Sygnosys,

    >>I did sincerely did not expect that ATL would provide all of the WS-* enhancements, just the one regarding Security.<<

    The problem is that ATL Server would need so much work to...
  11. Re: Why does .NET try to Hide source?

    We ship the source code to MFC with most SKUs of Visual C++, but the .NET Framework does not ship with source. This is why you don't see source to .NET Framework functions in the debugger. ...
  12. Re: Event-driven programming in MFC and VC++.NET

    orcmid: Yes, it can be difficult for beginning to understand where to use native and managed code and how to interoperate between the two. We know this is an issue and strive to continuously improve...
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    Re: What about the MFC future?

    Just to be really, really clear: we *are* investing in MFC in the Orcas release. You're not going to see drastic enhancements to the programming model or anything like that, but you will see -- for...
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    Re: What about the ATL future?

    At this time, our recommendation is to use ASP.NET Web Services for developing web services. Going forward, Windows Communication Foundation in .NET 3.0 will be the preferred technology for...
  15. Re: Mixed mode future, enumerations, static variables

    1) We support mixing managed and native C++ in a single project (heck, we support the mix in a single file!) today in Visual C++ 2005 with the "/clr" compiler option, and we plan to continue...
  16. Re: Event-driven programming in MFC and VC++.NET

    Your question is probably more an issue of frameworks than native vs. managed code. You're right on that WinForms' delegates and events make for a nicer programming model than MFC's message maps. ...
  17. Re: MFC CFileDialog: Vista plans for Orcas?

    Easy access and automatic enablement of the new Vista common file dialog are features we'd like to enable for CFileDialog in Orcas. However, I won't say "yes, we're definitely doing it!" until we...
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