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  1. Is Template Method design pattern and Hook the same thing by different names?


    Is Template Method design pattern and Hook the same thing by different names?
    Odd thing is, when I look up hook design pattern on Google, 90% of search results go to pages that...
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    Re: serializing objects to XML

    The types will not be known in advance. That's the reason why XmlSerializer looks appealing. I can extract the type information, so I shouldn't need to know it ahead of time

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    serializing objects to XML


    Is it possible to achieve random access with XmlSerializer? I would like to be able able to store multiple objects of different types in the same XML file (adding them at different times,...
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    ASP Time Zones and Cookies Expiration


    As far as I understand, browsers use UTC to check cookies for expiration. That allows to avoid the following situation. Suppose, a server wants to set a cookie with a lifetime of 2 hours....
  5. Does it make sense top new-up pens and brushes in OnPaint() every time it's called?


    I need to make a fairly simple WinForms custom control. It will have about hundred or so graphics shapes (lines, circles). Little to no animation. At the moment of writing, I don't...
  6. Re: Implicit Conversion Operators and Value Types

    My resume for this thread.

    The original post had this hypothesis:

    The hypothesis withstood the peer review.

    P.S. This question was also mirrored here.
  7. Implicit Conversion Operators and Value Types


    Iíve come across this blog article: Implicit Conversion Operators are Bad. The article discourages the use of implicit conversion with reference types. In the beginning, the article has...
  8. Re: Should a type for working with fractions be a class or a struct?

    Thank you for the insight. I went ahead and created a struct and ran into the following problem.

    I can't have an explicit parameterless constructor. I can't have an instance field initializer...
  9. Should a type for working with fractions be a class or a struct?


    I’m making a C# type for working with fractions, and trying to follow best practices. My question is: should a type like this be a class (reference type) or a struct (value type)?
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    declaring a const object in C#


    I used to be an enthusiastic C++ writer. Currently, I’m going up the learning curve of .NET and C#.

    From what I’m reading on the web, only the C# built-in types may be declared as...
  11. Grid control like in VS2008 properties window


    Properties window in visual studio is built around a nice grid control (or tree-grid control even). Does Microsoft provide a control like that to developers? Iíd like to use it on my own...
  12. Re: Opaque controls on a completely transparent form

    Hey Bill,

    Actually, I was able to find the article from the GUID in the original version of the link. :D

    The article, however, deals with custom controls. It suggests to call the protected...
  13. Re: Opaque controls on a completely transparent form

    That was illuminating. Thanks.

    One thing that makes this problem a little more interesting is that one of the controls is a picture with irregular outline. The image itself is drawn with only a...
  14. Opaque controls on a completely transparent form


    As everyone have noticed, the Form class has the Opacity property. It sets the opacity of the form and all of the controls. But is it possible to have opaque controls (e.g. picture boxes)...
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    Swapping control into a different parent


    What I'm trying to achieve is kind of an undocking behavior, where a control can undock from one form and float in a different form. My code is based on a working reference design. ...
  16. How does WinForms label control handle focus? (a newbie question, perhaps)


    There is a panel which contains 2 components: a label and a TreeView. The hierarchy, obviously, looks like this:

    panel1 // handles Enter event
    - label1
    - treeView1

    I need...
  17. Adding an event handler (a newbie question, perhaps)

    Is there a difference between the following 2 lines of code?

    m_ctrPanel.Leave += this.OnLeave;

    m_ctrPanel.Leave += new System.EventHandler(this.OnLeave);
    Obviously, they serve the same...
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    Re: problem with setting Top & Left of a form

    That solved my problem.
    Thank you, BigEd!
  19. Re: Can't figure out how to structure my loops

    Sometimes recursion helps answer questions like yours. What you're describing sounds like a tree-like structure (by the way, posting a diagram wouldn't hurt, if you can make one). Get a text book...
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    problem with setting Top & Left of a form


    I’m doing some recreational programming. I'm trying to display a semi-transparent form (overlay) over a control. (The purpose of the overlay is to show that a control can be a target...
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    Re: SafeArrayTypeMismatchException

    Attributes in my struct weren't correct. I've figure that out with some help from the community.
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    Please help me chase out a SafeArrayTypeMismatchException that I keep getting. I need to pass a struct to unmanaged DLL. One of the struct members is a variable-length array. Unmanaged...
  23. Whatís the best way of returning an array from a method?

    In plain C, I would do this:

    void GetArray(
    mytype* pBuff // [out] Pointer to the buffer in which array is returned to the calling code.
    int iBuffLen); // [in] Length of the buffer...
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    Re: Delete Please.

    You've posted how you've resolved it. Now everyone is curious what the problem actually was... :)
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    Re: newbie WinForms DataBinding question

    That's what I'm looking for. I know the name of the object (of my own class) and the property. How can I set-up the binding using Visual Studio designer tools?

    P.S. I know how I would set up...
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