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  1. change the return view fields after insert data

    In my controller class,

    public ActionResult Index()
    return View(db.Schools.ToList());

    public ActionResult...
  2. interaction via jsp page for parallel processing in Oracle data base

    how to execute multiple queries from jsp page in oracle server. but oracle does not support multiple queries.

    I've to extract data parallely from database via jsp page. When I click at one link it...
  3. Re: show data grid view of xml in C# form application

    I do the code:
    DataSet ds=new DataSet();
    the name datagridview1 does not...
  4. show data grid view of xml in C# form application

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>

    <phone-number category = "family_relatives">

    <name> cathy </name>
    <number type = "vodafone"> 02698456</number>

  5. opening an interface after some event happen in windows form application

    I've created an interface for registration. When user clicks on any event the window for that should appear in this form, else the windows should be hidden.

    For example if you see the image that...
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