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    Re: How to create a VR grabbing?

    Hey dude that's awesome. I thought you might want to check this out though, for future recordings. You can record video directly from the headset's video output, and choose to favor one eye over the...
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    Re: What book have you recently read?

    Finishing reading "Mother Night" and start "Cats Cradle" Kurt Vonnegut.
  3. Re: Storing and retrieving dates from MS Access using C#

    What error do you have, any screenshots?
  4. PHP Re: PHP to Scrape large amount of data but database question....

    The easiest way to scrap data from webpages is to use regular expressions. For new users best&quick way - use some program services like a
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    Re: Error generating Win32 resource ?

    Try removing all files from the project and then adding them alternately (1 file and rebuild, 2 files and rebuild... to last file in project) and determining which file are source of trouble.
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