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  1. Re: css display differently for different browsers

    The above Javascript code works, but only if they have Javascript enabled.
    You could add the following to always load the not_ie.css file if Javascript disabled.

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    Re: VB6.0 will live until Windows 7!

    VB5 is living under Windows 10.

    I'm still using Visual Basic 5 and it works with Windows 7 and Windows 10.
    Can't get the FlexGrid control to work with Windows 10, but every thing else seems OK.
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    Re: Reading Windows 10 product ID with code.

    Thank you for your code. It works with Windows 10 but..
    I am trying to get the Computer Product ID (Known as the OEM number with Windows 95 - Windows 7)
    Your code returns the digital product ID.
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    Reading Windows 10 product ID with code.

    I am trying to read the product ID with Windows 10.

    With Windows 95 to windows 7, I could read the OEM number from the registry.
    Using RegEdit.exe, I can read the value and it is still at the old...
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