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  1. Re: How to "FormatMessage()" my "WSAGetLastError()"

    Hmm. I tried your code again, and now it works! I just restarted the workstation. Could it be VS itself who caused the problem?.
    Anyway, the bottom line is: If you have *any* problem - reboot!
  2. Re: How to "FormatMessage()" my "WSAGetLastError()"

    Thanks for your answer 2kaud and VictorN, but your solution is for messages retrieved with '::GetLastError()'. Unfortunately it does not work for Messages retrieved with 'WSAGetLastError()' because...
  3. Re: How to "FormatMessage()" my "WSAGetLastError()"

    Maybe I should add that I'm using Windows 10 with VS 2019.

  4. [RESOLVED] How to "FormatMessage()" my "WSAGetLastError()"

    I'm trying to generate a message string from a WSAGetLastError()) error code (Winsock2).
    My first attempt:

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